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Swimming pool deck blasting with the 1-10DPS75 Shot Blaster

Blastrac Middle East recently completed a job in Dubai, at the brand new JA Lake View Hotel.

The Hotel has a unique structure with panoramic views over the golf course and Arabian sea. Amongst its many facilities there are three swimming pools. That’s where Blastrac were able to help.

The objective was to improve friction on a swimming pool deck of 1.200 m2.
The roughness and skid resistance of a pool has to be upgraded to avoid a slippery surface. It is often the case with new natural stone tiles that are known to have a poor friction.

With the Blastrac shot blasting technique, you can greatly improve the friction in a quick and efficient way. Blastrac closed circuit media blasting machines throw a large amount of steel abrasive media by centrifugal force at the surface. After the steel abrasive hits the surface, the shot blaster recycles the media. Dust and contaminants are removed by an air wash separator to a dedicated Blastrac dust collector.
This makes the process almost dust-free.

The blasting process of the swimming pool deck has been performed with a 1-10DPS75 Blastrac shot blaster, in combination with a BDC-3140DBP dust collector.

  • Swimming pool deck blasting with the 1-10DPS75 Shot Blaster

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