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Removal of a Sports Floor & Surface Preparation

The best way to remove a soft sports floor before applying a new coating.

In partnership with one of our customer, we were in Barneveld, the Netherlands, using the Blastrac BMS-220ADB ride-on stripper and BMG-555 triple disc grinder. We removed an old rubber sports hall flooring before the application of a new coating. The total area was around 2.400 m2.

The first objective was to remove the existing rubber floor. To do so, the Blastrac BMS-220ADB ride-on floor stripper was used to make cuts with a self-scoring blade of 152 mm. Then a 355 mm heavy duty blade was used to remove the remaining flooring. The BMS-220ADB can quickly and easily remove all kinds of floor materials. Blastrac floor strippers have already proved their efficiency many times when removing this kind of flooring in sports halls.

Once the existing rubber flooring was fully removed with the Blastrac ride-on floor stripper, there still remain the process of removing the glue and rubber leftovers on the floor. To remove this, we used the Blastrac BMG-555 triple disc grinder, equipped with PCD tools, in combination with the BDC-133M-LP-UD dust collector for an almost dust free operation. In one pass, the debris was removed and our customer was able to apply a new coating.

In no time, the job was completed and a new flooring was laid. With the rise in more and more old sport floors are being removed all over Europe, Blastrac has the solution. Contact us for more information!



  • Removal of a Sports Floor & Surface Preparation

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