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Our 350E Steel Blasting Machine on the HMS Belfast

Blastrac on the River Thames in London with its 350E steel blaster.

HMS Belfast is a town-class light cruiser with a lot of history that was built for the Royal Navy in the ’30s. It played an important role during World War II, including supporting the Normandy landings in 1944. Several overseas missions followed before Belfast entered retirement in 1963.
A few years later, efforts were initiated to preserve it as a museum ship.

It was brought to London in 1971 and was moored on the River Thames near Tower Bridge in the Pool of London. This museum ship was open to the public in October 1971 and the HMS Belfast became a branch of the Imperial War Museum in 1978. Nowadays it is a popular tourist attraction, receiving over a quarter of a million visitors per year.

After millions of visits, it has come time to renovate the ship. A 7-year plan has been launched to give it a life extension whilst still open to the public as usual. Our Blastrac 350E steel blasting machine is used to clean the old coating and corrosion from the decks before the application of a new coating.

Blastrac steel blasting systems are the most effective and environmentally friendly methods for removing paint, coatings, corrosion, non-skid and other contaminants from steel surfaces. Blastrac steel blasting systems use steel shot and angular steel grit, or a mixture of the two in a variety of sizes allowing the operator to achieve a wide range of anchor profiles and roughness needed for almost any type of coating application.
Find out more by watching the video below.

  • Our 350E Steel Blasting Machine on the HMS Belfast

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