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Nothing is Better Than Shot Blasting!

One of our customers recently tried, for the first time a shot blasting machine to carry out the surface preparation of concrete before the application of a new coating.

The jobsite took place in a parking garage of 5,000 m2 in Sweden. The concrete needed to be roughened in order to establish a mechanical bond between the concrete and the new coating to be applied.

The customer, a large and professional flooring company planned to use a triple disc grinder equipped with bush hammering tools. However, our team introduced the Blastrac shot blasting technology to them. Our customer was amazed by the speed and the level of profile the shot blasting machine could carry out on the surface in a short manner, allowing the material that is being installed to wick into the pores of the slab allowing it to establish an optimal mechanical bond. We are proud that we can shortly deliver to them a 1-10DS shot blaster in combination with the BDC-66 dust collector.

Shot blasting is dust free and is the ideal solution for most concrete surface preparation jobs. Despite the fact that our customer is a floor specialist, shot blasting remains unknown for many other companies like this. Do not hesitate to contact us to organize a demonstration on site!

  • Nothing is Better Than Shot Blasting!

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