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New Production Facilities in Poland & The Netherlands

100% European Made Blastrac Machines

Blastrac is known for being a global leader in portable surface preparation technologies and equipment. Not only does Blastrac produce top of the line equipment for other companies, but we also produce it for ourselves. Blastrac Poland & Blastrac headquarters in the Netherlands are the center points of the worldwide manufacturing assembly and distribution of our products. Blastrac recently expanded its facilities both in Poland and in the Netherlands.

In addition to the production facility we have had in Golina, Poland, Blastrac inaugurated a new assembly facility in Zagórów, Poland last May. After receiving the different machine parts & electroboxes from Golina, the new facility in Zagórów is responsible for assembling and testing small Blastrac machines such as BG-250, BGS-250, BMP-215, BMP-265, etc.

The machines built for the local market are directly shipped from Zagórów to the customer. However, the machines built for other markets are shipped to Nieuwegein, The Netherlands, to then be distributed all over the world.

Zagórów, Poland, is also the place where the bodies for bigger machines are assembled. Once these bodies are made & controlled, they are sent to Nieuwegein, The Netherlands, for the final assembly.

The Blastrac European Headquarters is in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands, and is also the center of assembly and distribution of our products worldwide.

In addition to receiving the assembled small machines from Zagórów, Poland, Blastrac Netherlands also receives the machine bodies, the electroboxes, and all different machine parts for big Blastrac machines. They are then assembled and tested in our facility in Nieuwegein. That’s why we are proud to say that Blastrac machines are 100% European made!

Blastrac Netherlands holds a large stock of parts, tools, and machines in order to be able to deliver goods to our customers in the fastest possible way. Together with our sales and service centers Worldwide, Blastrac provides an efficient and highly organized supply chain to ship all goods quickly and cost effectively.

  • New Production Facilities in Poland & The Netherlands

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