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New Blastrac Pre-Separator BPS-LP-0020

Blastrac developed a new lightweight pre-separator.

The new Blastrac pre-separator BPS-LP-0020 has been specifically designed to work with small Blastrac dust collectors. The pre-separator is made of sustainable, commercial grade, and environmentally friendly lightweight plastic materials that are recyclable. Therefore, it is user-friendly due to its extremely low weight: 25,5 kg in total and only 7 kg without the trolley.

This pre-separator can triple the lifetime of your dust collector filters because it captures up to 95% of dust before it goes to the dust collector (attached is a two-meter dust hose between the dust collector and the BPS-LP-0020 pre-separator). The separator is multi-functional due to the handy trolley system. The trolley can be used by itself, but also with hook-on system. This makes it possible to attach the separator to the BDC-122 and the BDC-133.

The Blastrac BPS-LP-0020 is equipped with a Longopac bagging system, which is easy to mount and handle. Thanks to this system, the operators have no more contact with the dust in their direct vicinity. In addition, the manually operated valve ensures that the full Longopac bags can be changed while the dust collector remains on, which reduces downtime.

If you want to know more about our BPS-LP-0020 pre-separator, contact us today!

  • New Blastrac Pre-Separator BPS-LP-0020

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