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Line & Rubber Removal in Kiev Airport

As aircrafts land, the traffic wears down macro-texture and micro-texture as contaminants build up on the runway pavement.

This build-up of rubber will decrease water drainage and friction to the point where safety may be diminished. That’s why it is important to remove excessive rubber from the runway on a regular basis. Without this macro and micro texture the friction level of the runway surface is too low and potentially extremely hazardous.

A very efficient and cost effective method for removing rubber deposits from a runway is shot blasting. In order to show the shot blasting capabilities Blastrac Ukraine carried out a demonstration with the 1-10DPS75 shot blaster, in combination with the BDC-3140DBP dust collector, to remove small areas of rubber removal. By shot blasting the runway, you can get the friction level of the surface back to its original properties / condition or even better. In addition, Blastrac shot blasting technology is also extremely effective to remove line markings.

The results were a great success for the Ukrainian airport authorities and we look forward to working together with Kiev International Airport in the future.

Blastrac has designed the 2-45DTM truck mounted shot blaster especially for jobs such as this, for rubber and line removal with limited down time. The 2-45DTM shot blaster is the workhorse of the horizontal blast cleaning machine equipment line.

  • Line & Rubber Removal in Kiev Airport

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