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Friction Improvements on bricks!

Bush hammering of bricks to avoid equine slips and falls.

Blastrac recently carried out a project on a horse farm using its BMG-435WD triple disc grinder, in combination with a BDC-133H dust collector.

The objective of the job was to improve the skid resistance in a circular horse walker. Horses can fall causing injuries on slippery surfaces, resulting in extra costs to farmers from injuries to the horses.

The Blastrac triple disc grinder was equipped with the bush hammering tools. These tools penetrate the surface of the aggregate with numerous small hardened steel hammers to roughen the surface, in order to create new “sharper” angular edges on the surface of the aggregate.

The advantage of this technique is that the existing bricks become skid resistance. Therefore, farmers don’t have to remove the existing surface to apply a new flooring. This is a simple, environmentally friendly solution that does not create too much noise when completing the work.

  • Friction Improvements on bricks!

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