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Floor removal with the BMS-150E!

Our new BMS-150E was effective in an old industrial building prior to its demolition.

Our latest addition to the Blastrac floor stripping range, the BMS-150E ride-on floor stripper, was recently used on a demolition jobsite in the Netherlands. When managing the demolition of a building, the focus is on the correct management of construction waste and recycled materials. This can have major benefits in terms of sustainability and quality of life. The correct management of waste must be factored into the job in order to sort the recyclable materials and the non-recyclable materials. That’s where our BMS-150E floor stripper steps in!

Our floor stripper was used to remove around 1000 m2 of vinyl tiles. We used a 250 mm heavy duty flat blade. As you will see in the video, the BMS-150E easily lifts the tiles in one single pass.

It was also used on the same job to remove 250 m2 of linoleum floor. Linoleum being much more flexible than vinyl tiles, a 100 mm self-scoring blade was firstly used to make parallel tracks into the floor coverings. Then, with the use of a 250 mm heavy duty flat blade, the BMS-150E could remove the linoleum in between the tracks. The quick release tool holder allows you to change or replace the blades very quickly, making it easy to find the most efficient way of working. See visuals below.

In no time, the complete floor coverings of the building were removed with the BMS-150E ride-on floor stripper! All you need is a single phase electrical supply and you can start stripping floors! In addition, our floor stripper can work in combination with a dust collector to ensure a dust free jobsite.

  • Floor removal with the BMS-150E!

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