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Blastrac 1-8DPF40 Used on a Passenger Ferry!

Successful commissioning on ship with the 1-8DPF40 Shot Blaster

The M/S Skåne is a Swedish passenger ferry in operation between Trelleborg, Sweden and Rostock, Germany. It is owned by the Stena Line and it is a multi-purpose Ro-Pax ferry (from Roll-On – Roll-Off Passenger) that carries both cars and passengers.

This passenger ferry completes several round-trips each day. This means it is never moored in a harbor and therefore makes the maintenance jobs difficult to carry out. That’s why the customer was looking for small equipment that easily fits into the ship’s elevators and that also can be easily lifted over threshold.

After some tests, the Blastrac 1-8DPF40 shot blasting machine turned out to be the perfect machine for these maintenance jobs. It is user friendly to operate, powerful enough to carry out the maintenance of the floors, and it is very easy to transport and to maneuver in narrow spaces. In addition, it was the perfect machine to fit their needs!

The customer was very happy with the machine and the 1-8DPF40 shot blaster is now part of the M/S Skåne’s equipment.

Here is a video of the machine in action on board.

  • Blastrac 1-8DPF40 Used on a Passenger Ferry!

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