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Blasting of a Barge Ship Deck With the 500E

Two sets of 500E were used in Dubai to blast a barge ship deck.

Blastrac have recently been in Dubai to complete a job on a barge. Two 500E steel blasting machines were used to blast a ship deck. They were working in combination with two BDC-99 dust collection systems in order to ensure dust free operations. Blastrac 500E steel blasters are very cost effective and efficient in preparing steel surfaces. Indeed, they don’t only “clean” steel, but also introduce a suitable profile (anchor pattern) to receive the protective coating (SA 2,5 according to the ISO norm 8501-1).

The objective of the jobsite was to remove heavy rust and mill scale from the barge deck and to prepare the surface for the application of a new coating. Everything had to be carried out in a limited time, thus blasting productivity was another important factor. To make sure the job was completed on time, the Blastrac team provided a qualitative training to the working crew and support them on site during the jobsite. Only the 500E Blastrac steel blasters could make it!

The 500E Blastrac steel blaster is a closed circuit system, so there is no dust released into the environment. In addition, the abrasive is recycled which makes the steel blasting process very cost effective.

If you want to know more about Blastrac solutions for steel surface preparation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Blasting of a Barge Ship Deck With the 500E

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