The Blastrac products listed on this page are rebranded as Husqvarna and integrated into the global Husqvarna offering.
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BHG125-G125 Hand Held

Perfect for both grinding & polishing

The Blastrac BHG125-G125 is a compact, high endurance handheld grinder designed for fast controlled grinding of concrete and similar surfaces while keeping dust to a minimum. The 2,2 kW motor uses sophisticated electronic control circuitry, which includes soft start, overload, and constant speed electronics for even speed under all load conditions. The BHG125-G125 has a LED indicator in order to optimize grinding efficiency with overloads and overheat warnings.

The variable speed thumbwheel allows the operator to set the rotation speed to suit the working conditions and can be easily adjusted. It is equipped as standard with restart safety, which means you don’t need to keep pushing the “button” to get the machine working. The button can be blocked in order to improve the working conditions of the operators. If the electricity shuts down and restarts again, the machine won’t restart automatically.

The BHG125-G125 hand held grinder is dust free when connected to the appropriate Blastrac dust collection system. It is delivered as standard in a closed box which can be cleaned with water.

Advantages of the BHG125-G125 Hand Held Grinder:

    The single grinding head allows all the pressure of the machine to be distributed onto the one diamond disc in use for an ‘aggressive’ grinding.
    The BHG125-G125 is equipped with a sliding dust shroud for edge grinding. This shroud has to be connected to a Blastrac dust collector in order to work in a dust free environment.
    The BHG125-G125 has a LED indicator to optimize grinding efficiency with overloads and overheat warnings. This LED turns red when the machine is overloaded or overheated.
    The BHG125-G125 has an adjustable and ergonomic front handle. In addition, it has been specially designed to allow clearance for edge grinding.
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  • BHG125-G125
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  • BHG125-G125_3
widthØ125 mm
weight4,7 kg
dimensions500 mm | 195 mm | 175 mm
speed4.300 - 7.200 rpm
power2,2 kW | 230 V | 50/60 Hz | 16 A | Single Phase
direction_pushForward (push)
surfaceConcrete | Stone | Asphalt | Elastic materials