BDC-3155HCA Dust Collector

Een groot formaat grinder om te vermalen / of te polishen

The Blastrac BDC-3155HCA is a heavy duty dust collection system especially designed for asbestos abatement (according to TRGS 519). It is equipped with a Longopac bagging system, which is easy to mount and handle. Thanks to this system, there is no contact between the operator and the dust, creating a safe working environment.

Advantages of the BDC-3155HCA Dust Collector:

  • TRGS 519 asbestos certified
  • Geprüfte Sicherheit (GS) (tested safety) marking
  • Only available with the Longopac system
  • Easy to clean using the manual hand shaker
  • Equipped with M-class filter and secondary H-class 14 filter
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  • BDC-3155HCA