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All Blastrac surface preparation equipment is rebranded as Husqvarna and integrated into the global Husqvarna offering.
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Blastrac Highways applications

Equipment to prepare and maintain surfaces on roads and highways

Blastrac surface preparation equipment is often used for road aesthetics, road maintenance and safety improvement. Our shot blasters, scarifiers and even floor grinders can be used to improve skid resistance and to remove rubber and pavement markings on roads and highways.


The use of colours and natural finishes is now without doubt an extremely important element in the modern construction and landscaping of roads and highways. Blastrac shot blasters can be used on concrete and asphalt roads and highways to remove the surface binder to allow the natural properties, specificities or colours of the aggregates to appear.
To satisfy this demand for coloured and decorative surfacing a plethora of products and methods are now available. Most of these use resins of some kind, which are applied to the existing surface and have aggregate particles mixed in or scattered on them.
These products often have bright artificial colours. They have varying degrees of success, most fade significantly after just a few months and many crack and fail after 12 to 18 months. When applied to asphalt surfaces, especially newly laid, failure is almost guaranteed, it’s just a question of time.


Natural exposed aggregate asphalt gives the architect or designer the option to use locally available aggregates to compliment, contrast and enhance roads, car parking areas, footpaths, residential developments, town centres and urban areas.
The big potential benefit of only using naturally coloured aggregates is they will not fade and if incorporated in a standard asphalt mix design the colour will be all through the material, not just a coating on the top.
By using Blastrac shot blasting technology the surface binder is removed to allow the natural properties, specificities or colours of the aggregates to appear. This is a perfect answer to architects and cities permanent quest for innovation at a reasonable cost.


Exposed aggregate asphalt provides a unique, new generation of distinctive asphalt surfaces with greatly increased aesthetic appeal and improved skid resistance while still giving all the functional qualities and durability of traditional asphalt.
Blastrac developed technologies to blast asphalt in order to successfully remove binders, rubber skid marks and pavement markings from asphalt roads, highways, parking garages and bridges without causing any detriment to the integrity or durability of the surface course material.


Roads, highways, bridges, parking garages, bycicle paths and other public spaces endure alot of traffic all day long. To ensure a long lifetime of these surfaces it is important to maintain them on a regular bases. Blastrac technologies are a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to remove pavement markings, rubber skid marks and other contaminants without damaging the supporting structure of the road. They can also be used for retexturing to improve skid resistance or for pavement milling.


In the past Blastrac has received numerous requests to develop a fast and effective solution for the removal of existing pavement line markings. Road, highway and airfield maintenance contractors worldwide are searching for environmentally friendly and mobile machines to remove markings from concrete or asphalt surfaces. Both Blastrac shot blasters and scarifiers can be used to remove markings from surfaces of roads, highways, cycling paths, parking garages, airport aprons, runways and more.
  • Scarifying machines are suitable for the removal of thick and elastic materials such as thermoplastic

  • Shot blasting systems are suitable for the removal of thinly painted road marking lines while in-depth cleaning between the aggregates. For the bigger shot blasters we have designed blast pattern reducers to reduce the width of the blast mouth.


Aquaplaning on roads and airfields is big danger. Over a period of time and depending on the type of covering, aggregate, and the frequency of traffic, rubber marks will gradually make the aggregate smooth and eliminate the micro texture. Soiled surfaces will eliminate the macro roughness. Without macro texture the covering no longer helps to drain the water and the film of water that then appears on the surface is responsible for aquaplaning.
  • Blastrac shot blasting systems are a cost effective, environmentally friendly and safe technology for the removal of rubber and contaminants.


In order to reduce slipperiness on roads, highways and airfields the roughness and skid resistance has to be upgraded to its original state. Skid resistance needs to be improved on asphalt and concrete surfaces which have become polished by traffic (either by cars or planes) or new surfaces which have a coating of bitumen binder over the aggregate particles.
  • Blastrac shot blasters are able to retexture roads, highways, airport aprons and runways on both macro and microstructure level.


Removing a thick layer of asphalt or concrete from road, highway or airfield surfaces has several purposes such as the prevention of ravelling (where aggregate becomes separated from the binder and loose from the surface) and the removal of bumps and road ruts by levelling the surface.All Blastrac scarifiers can be used for the removal of surface dressings, thin overlayers and a few millimetres of asphalt and concrete surfaces. They have been specifically designed to have the maximum amount of weight centered above the drum shaft. Depending on the jobsize you can choose between a medium size scarifyer or for the large model. Our scarifiers and milling machines are available in either electric or petrol versions.

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