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All Blastrac surface preparation equipment is rebranded as Husqvarna and integrated into the global Husqvarna offering.
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Blastrac Decorative flooring applications

Grinders, polishers, shot blasters and diamond tools for decorative (commercial) flooring

In close partnership with flooring contractors, Blastrac has developed a full range of machines and diamond tools for floor grinding, floor polishing and exposing the aggregates on floors and roads. When talking about surface preparation for decorative flooring we make a distinction between three main applications; preparing concrete, asphalt and natural stone. The diamond tools from Diamag can be used for all these applications and are suitable for all our floor grinders and floor polishers.


Blastrac is one of the main distributors of Diamag diamond tools. Their high quality diamond products are manufactured using 100% synthetic diamond particles. These diamonds have a high cutting ability and life span because of their consistent size and crystal shape.


The use of colors on surfaces is an important element in modern road construction. Often resin, mixed with aggregate particales, is with poured on top of the asphalt to get the desired result. However, these top layers often fade and crack after a few months. For this reason, removing the binder of asphalt surfaces in order to show the natural beauty of the colored aggregate particles is seen as the best solution because it saves maintenance costs. Asphalt can also be polished for a smooth surface with exposed aggregates.


Decorative floors are a new fast developing market trend. Concrete floors are no longer considered as sole supports, they have become part of the decoration itself. Concrete can be grinded, polished, bush hammered or shot blasted depending on the desired finish. They can also be prepared in order to apply a new coating.


Polished natural stone is often used in commercial flooring in building such as shopping malls, large office buildings or other public areas such as train stations. However, these surfaces are very vulnerable. Good surface preparation and regular maintenance of commercial floors make sure they keep their beauty for years to come.

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